CILT President Calls for Collaboration on how to End Apapa Gridlock

    CILT President, Mr Ibrahim Jubril
Newly inaugurated Executive Members


By Sandra Chukwunyere


The National President Chartered Institute of logistics and Transport (CILT) Mr Ibrahim Jibril  has urged all the stakeholders in the maritime industry to collaborate to end the continuous traffic situation along Oshodi/Apapa Expressway and the adjoining roads within Apapa.

Mr. Ibrahim who spoke at a leadership Impact Programme 2018 held in Lagos yesterday, December 11, 2018 as organised by the institution.
”We need so much regulations in the industry. The transport system needs to be visited. We can have transport system that is comparable to other transport systems of the world.”

On our port access roads, the national president said: ”We need because we are having series of challenges in our ports access roads. And that challenges are still go to the truck drivers. This has really affected the prices of goods that are imported through Apapa ports. Then what is the way out of these problems in our ports?
There are need to be collaboration among the agencies in the ports.

For example this holding bays we have been yarning for? And for all the trucks to be coming to the ports at the same time,  Outside that, there is need for Truck Transit Park (TTP) and such park should be at the outcaste of Apapa, that can house all of them so that when they are called upon, they will come to the port. Now, they only call the required number that is needed at a particular time. In all, I think inter-agency collaboration will be in the best to achieve that, thank you.”

On another way out transport dilemma, the president said that intermodal transport system would be the solution.
”Intermodalism is what is required in this place. It is the solution to all these. That is very important, we need making use of our waterways, barges, pipelines, rail tracks to bring in containers into our ports. So that we can see how we use flat bottom barges to carry empty containers to the ports to Badagry and such places like that.”

On the institute’s newly inaugurated Council, he said: ”Today we will have the rare confidence of having the inauguration ceremony of the institute’s new Council. The Council board members were elected late October. And they will serve the institute for the next two years. And they would be taking their oat of office in their course of today’s event.

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