DCFLS Ends Two Day Marriage Amidst Commendation

November 1, 2018

DCFLS MEMBERS   By Ambrose Okehi   It was indeed a gathering of the saints, a gathering of the eagles and not the coming together of children of God but a convergence of believers, who want to make heaven at last, and not just making heaven as per say, rather a congregation of those who […]

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Egure’s Book on ” Creating the Big Picture ” : Tonic for Visionary People

August 1, 2018

Book Title:  Creating the Big Picture Author: Dennis Egure Publisher:  Transformation Media and publishing House Page:  185 Reviewers: Ambrose Obioma Okehi & Sandra Chukwunyere. Year Published:  2018   It is the Holy Bible that advises that  as man thinketh in his mind so he is? Also Led Brown that postulated that:”Your goals are your roadmap […]

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